l4/pkg/con etc

David Denny david at yaravi.com
Sat Aug 30 16:04:28 CEST 2003

Hello Hackers.

Having got to the stage of compiling successfully my second (debian) hello+fiasco+glinux set,
I'm now looking at cool next step (read: "easy wins for the temporally challenged").
UX and CON seem to be my candidates.

OK, UX looks more like the world I'm used to, so I won't ask about that yet. 
But I /do/ have a Q. about the drops con, which has wider learning implications, so a few hints here won't go amiss.

My guess is that to yield up a con binary, I cd to l4/pkg/con, "make", and /no/ that isn't it because it falls over... 

my predecessor instructions were per website, CVSco, compile hello and fiasco 
using gcc3.2, compile linux22 using gcc2.95.

so: how do I compile "con" and other packages, please? (or: a generalised rule to cover this) ;-)

David D

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