Multiple Test Environments

David Denny david at
Sun Sep 21 10:41:12 CEST 2003

Hello L4

There seemed to be a sentiment that your group might appreciate having the Fiasco installation process tested under a variety of Linux distributions.

I've had to swap the machine I'd originally acquired for this project, because of video issues with Fiasco (onboard card, Compaq mobo, say no more), so I have a bit more disk space and with careful use of the server I can probably compile/install for between 4 and 6 distributions.

Those I have in mind are Debian (as a basic sync point with yourselves). SuSE as an RPM distro, Slackware because it's different, and the two DIY distros LFS and Gentoo.

What I envisage is coming back to yourselves _only_ if I have Debian issues, and for the other distros I'm happy to hack my way through and send you back the completed "Expedition Log" for each of them. That is, if you'd like to have something as a resource for other external users to use. I would not expect to ask for help outside Debian.

My time is limited so I would tend to go for a major hacking event, from time to time, rather than keeping up with things as they happen At The Centre as it were.

I run other free *nixes but my feeling is that at present, as an evaluation envelope, Linux is sufficient for your needs.

Looking forward to this, rather 

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