Various L4-related questions...

Michael Engel mengel at
Sun Nov 16 22:13:04 CET 2003


it's quite some time since I last had a look at L4 and a lot
seems to have happened since then. As I'm planning to use a
L4-derived microkernel as basis for a research project here
at Marburg University, I have some questions for the experts...

The currently maintained L4-compatible microkernels seem to be
Fiasco (Dresden) and L4KA::Hazelnut/Pistachio (Karlsruhe). Is
there a document describing the differences/compatibility between
the various versions, probably comparing these implementations
to the original L4 kernel?

The platform for my project will probably be a AMD "Hammer"-based
system (e.g. Athlon 64 or Opteron). Is there already work underway
to run Fiasco or L4KA in 64-bit mode on the x86-64 CPUs? If not,
I'm thinking about starting an effort to port one of the kernels
(based on the x86-32 version). Which do you think would be most

Btw., the squirrel on the L4KA web pages is quite cute ;-) - is there a
high-res bitmap or vector graphics version of the logo available?

My last question concerns L4Linux. The most recent version seems
to be based on kernel 2.2.25. Are there any plans to adapt a
more recent Linux kernel version, like 2.4 or the upcoming 2.6,
as a L4 personality? (I'm aware that this might involve a lot of

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