Ada run-time

Frederic BOYER fboyer at
Wed Feb 5 09:56:12 CET 2003

Hello Nicholas.

I haved. In the past, I start the development of an QNX like OS on top of
L4 written in Ada.
All the servers were written in Ada (but used the pragma NO_RUN_TIME)

The most difficult is to write the GNART (or GNULLI don't remember) of the
GNAT compiler to
directly use the L4 thread and memory managment.

This project is in stand by for me. The main pb is that my HD which hosted
the projects crash
and I didn't do save :-(

Give me news.

Bye bye.


Nicholas Hannah <nhannah at> on
05/02/2003 07:25:24

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Is anyone interested in having the Ada run-time library running on L4? Has
any work been done on this? I would consider contributing to an effort to
the core language going if there were others interested.

I imagine it would be especially useful running on the StrongARM port of L4
for embedded systems development.



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