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Robert Kaiser rob at
Wed Feb 5 13:18:58 CET 2003

Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 07:25 schrieben Sie:
> Is anyone interested in having the Ada run-time library running on L4?

Yes, very much so! However, currently I don't have any resources/budget to 
put into this, but that might change. My company has been looking for 
students in the past who would like to do this as their diploma thesis. Last 
autumn, I had a student who was interested, but later he decided to go for a 
different subject (he ended up porting our (own) L4 implementation to the 
PowerPC architecture -- also not a bad subject IMO).

> Has
> any work been done on this?

Frederic Boyer has done something along these lines (I see he posted a 
response to the mailing list).

> I would consider contributing to an effort to
> get the core language going if there were others interested.

What is your background ? (i.e. are you a hobbyist, a CS student looking for 
a thesis, working for a company, ..)

Depending on that, we might get something working together..

> I imagine it would be especially useful running on the StrongARM port of L4
> for embedded systems development.

Our main interest in this is the possibility to run multiple Ada programs 
alongside each other or even other OSes, where each is confined to it's own 
domain, both in terms of memory resources as well as computation time. This 
could be useful for safety-critical systems.


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