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ok, i little bit too late... :-) But I am also interested in having an Ada
runtime library running on L4. Background: I am developing a security
kernel based on L4 (see Although the
current prototype is implemented in C++, we plan to switch to another
programming language later. Until now we do not have decided to
which language (e.g., PVS, OCAML, ...) but the information available
about Ada are also very promising.


Am Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2003 07:25 schrieb Nicholas Hannah:
> Hello,
> Is anyone interested in having the Ada run-time library running on L4? Has
> any work been done on this? I would consider contributing to an effort to
> get the core language going if there were others interested.
> I imagine it would be especially useful running on the StrongARM port of L4
> for embedded systems development.
> chao,
> Nicholas
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