RMGR Documentation needed

Jacob Gorm Hansen jg at ioi.dk
Mon Feb 24 11:56:13 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-02-24 at 11:44, Daniel Koch wrote:
> My problem is that I don`t want to use this specially designed GRUB for my 
> purpose. I don`t have a network to boot (only floppy or Reiserfs) from, so it 
> seems to me that adjusting the makefiles would be the solution for me. 
> Unfortunately I don`t know how exactly to adjust these files so that they`re 
> correctly linked. Perhaps anyone can help me there ?

I had the same problem/attitude/attitude problem once.

In the Makefile, look for something like this:

$(PROGS): %: %.o
    $(VERBOSE)$(LD) -N -Ttext 0x400000 -o $@ $(CRT0) $^ $(LIBS) $(CRTN)

Then change the number after -Ttext to the appropriate address.


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