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Cristiano Ligieri Pereira cpereira at ics.uci.edu
Mon Mar 10 15:54:30 CET 2003

Actually what I'm doing is trying the reproduce some of the results from
the paper "The performance of micro-kernel Based Systems" using
lmbench/hbench/AIM benchmarks on a P4 machine. I'm not quite sure if I
understood what you mean by generating a new C library. Where is the code
for the C library in the source tree?. Isn't there a piece of code
handling all system calls in which I could just change it instead of
changing every occurrence of "int 0x80" in my code?


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On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Frank Mehnert wrote:

> On Monday 10 March 2003 14:27, Cristiano Ligieri Pereira wrote:
> > Isn't there a quick (but perhaps not very nice or friendly) way to do it?
> > I'm kind of tight on a schedule to have this data collected.
> Hmm. There isn't a quick hack. You have to replace every occurrence of 
> "int $0x80" in your programs by
>         "1:                     \n\t"
>         "pushf                  \n\t"
>         "push   %%cs            \n\t"
>         "pushl  $2f             \n\t"
>         "pushl  $0x402          \n\t"
>         "pushl  $0xa0008000     \n\t"
>         "ret                    \n\t"
>         "jmp    1b              \n\t"
>         "2:                     \n\t"
> So the best is to generate an extra C library for this, right?
> Frank
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