problems running hello in fiasco

Fabian Sturm sturm at
Sat Mar 29 07:52:36 CET 2003


> If the last line you see is the "Using the RTC on IRQ 8 (1khz) for
> scheduling" thing, the problem may come from sertial port stuff, do you
> have any serial port in your machine? If not try the -noserial option
> for the Fiasco kernel. This option prevents the kernel from starting the
> serial console.

Its true that I don't have any serial port, but even with this function
it doesn't boot any further.

I now tried to debug more of my problem with puts.
Unfortunately I didn't have much results.
I definitely now can say that I reach the last line of
void Timer::init() in ia32/timer-rtc.c.
(If I don't have sideeffects of puts and it is not buffered)

What is initialized next I can only guess.
It seems to be some kind of linker magic with the minilib/construction.c
which calls all the functions which are declared with

I have put a puts in uart_console_init() before the line 
with the if strstr -noserial. But this already doesn't seem to 
be called. Or it is just not compiled in?

I have also a puts in kdb.cpp in the void kdb::init() function.
But it is never reached.

Here I have some problems, why is the macro called with
but only a kdb::init exists.

And in uart_console.cpp it is
and a function uartconsole_init() exists.

Hmm I am little bit confused now and would appreciate some advice 
for debbuging.

Thanks a lot, Fabian

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