Problem compiling Logserver

Remco Post remco at
Fri Apr 18 14:17:38 CEST 2003

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 13:57:47 +0200
Ronald Aigner <ra3 at> wrote:

> The missing header file is part of the (soon to be released) L4Env.
> The L4Env is not part of the remote CVS, thats why you can't compile
> the Log-Server. If you need the L4Env immediately, we may send you a
> tarball.

Having the header files for version 4 interface available would be very

> For those of you, who are sick of hearing "soon to be released": we
> are currently fixing last bugs in the IDL Compiler we intend to use
> for the release version of L4Env and need to write last documentation
> for parts of the L4Env. (I personally see the sun rise at the horizont
> :) .)

Getting sick, well, not yet, just very eager to finally get my hands
on... ;-)

> Greetings, Ron.



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