Farid Hajji farid.hajji at
Wed May 21 21:08:37 CEST 2003

> I tried that, and FWICT, Pistachio needs the VME processor capapbility
> (virtual mode extensions, see
>, which bochs
> doesn't provide. 
> here is the relevant code (pistachio/kernel/src/glue/v4-ia32/
> ---------------------
> /**
>  * checks the IA32 features (CPUID) to make sure the processor
>  * has all necessary features */
> static void SECTION(".init.cpu") check_cpu_features()
> {
>     u32_t req_features = IA32_FEAT_FPU | IA32_FEAT_VME | IA32_FEAT_PSE;
> [...]
>     if ((req_features & avail_features) != req_features)
>     {
>         printf("CPU does not support all features (%x) -- halting\n", req_features);
> -------

IIRC, someone already suggested a tempfix for bochs regarding VME.
I don't remember the details without looking back in the archives,
but was it not simply having bochs falsely _pretend_ that it
supported VME? This would work as long as VME isn't _used_
in Pistachio... Of course, adding true VME support to bochs
would be better. Any volunteers?

> I wonder why Pistachio needs VME, however. Maybe someone can give a
> hint?

I'm as clueless as you here... ;)


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