root task - debugging kernel

Espen Skoglund esk at
Thu May 22 11:48:36 CEST 2003

[Niels Möller]
> Etienne Robillard <granted14 at> writes:
>> Besides, kickstarting from grub (output to screen)
>> does work until the "Launching kernel stage" ; then it
>> freezes without warnings :-) 
>> my menu.lst looks like this :
>> root (hd0,1,a)
>> kernel= /boot/ia32-kernel
>> module=/libexec/l4/kickstart
>> module= /libexec/l4/sigma0 
>> module= /libexec/l4/pingpong 

> I did some experiments today, following Marcus' instructions. I
> think you should use switch the first two files, like

> kernel = .../kickstart
> module = .../ia32-kernel
> module = .../sigma0
> module = .../pingpong

> I'm not sure how this works, I just guess kickstart is more
> multiboot compliant than ia32-kernel.

Kickstart decodes and loads the modules (elf files) into memory.  It
then sets up some memory descriptors in the KIP, registers the initial
servers in the KIP, and starts the kernel.

One could potentially load the kernel directly from Grub, but this
would mean that there would be no other user-level servers to start up
after the kernel is initialized---i.e., not very useful.


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