ANNOUNCE: L4Env version 0.1

Jean Wolter jean.wolter at
Tue Jul 1 14:47:26 CEST 2003

Farid Hajji <farid.hajji at> writes:

> > It might be fine
> > for NETBSD / L4 if the servers provided within L4 Env are GPLed but if the
> > interfaces to them are not.
> As for NetBSD/L4: don't expect GPLed code to make it in the tree.
> It wouldn't (and shouldn't) happen.

Is there any special reason for using L4Env as the foundation of a
NetBSD port? L4Linux was written before we even started to think about
L4Env so you should be able to port NetBSD based on the interfaces
provided by the L4. 


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