Make error in sys_ipc_wrapper

Sarah Hoffmann sh18 at
Thu Jul 31 19:36:36 CEST 2003

daviddenny at wrote:
> Bearing in mind my previous problem with tempfile, I am wondering if there 
> is a linux distro issue involved. I'm using SuSE8.0 which has a kernel 
> level of 2.4.18.
> When looking at UML (IIRC), I remember seeing somewhere that the SuSE 
> kernel is a bit customised. Maybe this is the problem and there are 
> sources missing in my distro that Fiasco/L4 expects.

I was able to reproduce the bug with on SUSE 7.3. For some reason
functions that are declared 'inline NOEXPORT' won't get compiled at
all. It might be a problem of the gcc 2.95.3 being SUSE-specific
but I'm not sure yet.

Meanwhile as a quick'n'dirty fix you can switch off 
'Generate inline code' (make menuconfig ->  'Kernel Debugging' ) 
then it will at least compile although you get a slower kernel.

> Do I gather that tu-dresden relies on debian? Maybe I should consider 
> installing a debian linux instead, on this machine.

Upgrading SuSE would already help. I had no problems at all compiling 
Fiasco on a SUSE  8.1 system.



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