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Jork Loeser jork at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Aug 14 11:05:36 CEST 2003


> I've reconstituted my Fiasco box with a Debian (Stable) and a SuSE (8.0)
> dual boot. My aim is to have a workable approximation to the Dresden
> configurations using Debian, while the SuSE version will enable me to
> help test on that platform.

So, you want to *build* the L4 programs and Fiasco on this machine, right?

> My disk space is limited. I can build on this computer but it would be
> ideal if after building I could move the bulk of the l4, ($BUILDDIR),
> oskit, and the rest onto another machine, retaining on my "Fiasco" box
> only those files needed for a running installation, i.e. kernel modules,
> libraries, and whatever else.

>From this I assume, you want to *run* Fiasco and the L4 programs on this
machine too, right?

Generally, all L4 programs (despite Fiasco itself) will be installed to
$(L4DIR)/bin/ upon compilation. Here in Dresden this directory is
typically a symlink to an NFS-mounted partition on our central fileserver.
The latter is used by our testmachines (different from the compilation
machines) to get the files using tftp during L4 startup.

I would suggest a similar setup to you. However, if you are forced to use
the same machine for compilation and running, you can save space by doing
a "make install" in l4 first. This installs all the libraries and
includes into DROPS_STDDIR (the directory you specified during configuring
the DROPS tree). Then, you can safely remove the OSKIT10 and the OSKIT
tree, as well as the whole l4/pkg tree and l4/tool tree.

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