Video Issue with DROPS demo

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Thu Aug 14 11:41:22 CEST 2003

On Thu Aug 14, 2003 at 07:41:42 +0100, David Denny wrote:
> I have a video problem with this machine running the Fiasco demo and
> my compiled fiasco modules.  The latter hang on boot, or appear to do
> so.

What L4 programs did you compile yourself? Do you know they work?

> the demo appears to run, but black screen, and 1-pixel deep band of
> pretty coloured dots right at the top.

That sounds like that there's some failure starting the programs, so
that they're unable to display something on the graphical screen.

> Compaq pII400 deskpro sff. ATI3D Rage Pro AGP 1x/2x

ATI Rage Pro is known to work fine with our graphical applications.

> I will appreciate knowing which parts of which files might be worth
> looking at. My belief is that it's a vesa/framebuffer setting. Normal
> Linux runs X perfectly (both Deb and SuSE), and the (sorry) Pistachio
> demo boots and runs properly. SO, it has to be something simple.

If you say that Pistachio runs fine I'm not sure you want graphical
output at all?! So switch off the VESA mode! (Remove the vbeset command
in the grub menu.) Then you should see what's going on and what fails.

Generally, it is useful to have a serial console to actually see the
text output of the core applications if you want to use the graphical

But for the start just switch off the VESA mode and stay in text mode so
that you can see what's happening.

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