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Tue Aug 26 09:30:20 CEST 2003


On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Chris Lambert wrote:

> Hello,
> we try to implement drivers for DROPS using the DDE, but we only have
> the sounddriver described in the diploma thesis of Christian Helmuth.
> Are there other sample drivers (smaller) available for us to see how
> to use DDE? It's part of a project at Operating Systems Chair at
> University of Saarland.

DDE was developed to port existing Linux (hence the name "dde_linux") device
drivers to L4(Env) easily. The modular structure should help to port any
type of device driver from Linux to L4. You just have to implement a driver
class specific library as I've done for OSS sound devices.

We also successfully used DDE to port USB core and USB device drivers as
well as to implement a TCP/IP protocol server on L4.

If it is your purpose to write device drivers from scratch I don't think
using DDE is the right way because your fixed to Linux's semantics. You may
look into DDE's common part (lib/src/*) to learn how things like interrupt
or I/O resource requests are done under L4Env. You should also have a look
into the following packages: omega0 (interrupt management) and
generic_io/l4io (I/O resource and PCI management).

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