L4Linux boot stop "param_word bits 16-19 must be 0. Fix yourbindings!"

Udo A. Steinberg us15 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Sun Sep 7 12:36:55 CEST 2003

On Fri, 05 Sep 2003 20:45:53 +0100 David Denny (DD) wrote:

DD> I've now got myself a sensible environment and I know which compiler is
DD> which. I have jdb but not kdb. I have no info to help me debug the
DD> "fix my bindings" message that I can interpret.

KDB has been superseded by JDB. JDB is in fact the Fiasco kernel debugger.

When entering the kernel debugger, you should get a line similar to this:

---------------------------------------------------ESP:201807a8 EIP:00006526
(6.00) jdb:

6.00 in this case is the thread that was active, when the debugger was
entered (thread 0 of task 6). When the "fix your bindings" message appears,
then note the task number (number before the dot). Compare it to the task
numbers that "rmgr" or "loader" report when starting tasks, i.e.

RMGR: loading "pingpong-ux"
      from 01d37000-01d6f72d to [ 00800000-0080f1c3 00810000-00960580 ]
      task #0x06 at entry 00800000 via trampoline page code 00070150
      ^^^^^^^^^^ Task 6 is pingpong-ux


loader  | vmlinuz.l4env,#f: Continue at l4env_init (00013350, libloader.s.so)
          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  Task 0x0f is L4Linux

And voila, you'll find the offending program that needs fixing.

DD> Is it possible that it's
DD> the linux22 that needs checking out again, as this is what is loading just
DD> prior to the message?

Could well be. Only the task number will tell you for sure. Remote-CVS has
been updated recently (Friday, Sep 5), so all the fixed bindings should 
have propagated to the wide world.

DD> Furthermore, have you instructions on cvs checkout for packages? I've
DD> only been to the website and my cvs's so far have been for the package
DD> groups like linux22, hello, oskit, etc.

You don't need to re-checkout packages. A simple "cvs update -dP" in any
of your checked out directories will bring it up-to-date. Of course you
still need to recompile the relevant packages afterwards.

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