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On Sun, 2003-11-16 at 13:13, Michael Engel wrote:
> The platform for my project will probably be a AMD "Hammer"-based
> system (e.g. Athlon 64 or Opteron). Is there already work underway
> to run Fiasco or L4KA in 64-bit mode on the x86-64 CPUs? If not,
> I'm thinking about starting an effort to port one of the kernels
> (based on the x86-32 version). Which do you think would be most
> appropriate?
I ported L4KA::Pistachio to the AMD64 architecture last spring. It runs
in 64-bit mode, and the port is actually finished. The reason why it has
not been released yet is my absence from the University, since I am
currently doing an internship. "Actually finished" means that I did not
run and test Pistachio/AMD64 on real hardware yet - I used SIMICS to
implement the stuff. I'll probably run and test it on an AMD64 box in
the near future, that is, after I have returned to Karlsruhe in January

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