microkernel and realtime

Espen Skoglund esk at ira.uka.de
Mon Nov 24 16:27:59 CET 2003

[Yu Neil]
> hello:
>   Recently, I consider implementation heritical scheduler on top of the l4 
> microkernel, But we meet a problem, the Pistachio handled the interrupt in 
> microkernel internal, In that time, I remember a project in TU-Dresden is 
> build on top of microkernel, But it`s implementation in the old l4 
> interface, just like the Hazelnut that not handled the interrupt (?), The 
> suitation is some microkernel abstract the interrupt and some microkernel 
> not abstract the interrupt.
>   Can we implementation a real time soft mechanism with interrupt 
> abstracted microkernel, the real time ipc, feature as:
>   interrupt generated then a ipc send to handler and switch to the handler 
> at once

All L4 kernels abstract interrupts as IPC messages to some
user-level handler (e.g., a device driver).  I don't understand what
your problem is.


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