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Jork Loeser jork at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Nov 24 17:10:28 CET 2003

[ interrupt abstraction ]

> All L4 kernels abstract interrupts as IPC messages to some
> user-level handler (e.g., a device driver).  I don't understand what
> your problem is.

I guess he wonders wether he has to deal with the interrupt hardware or
not (at least, acknowledging the interrupt at the PIC or not). And this
differed indeed for the different kernels.

> >   Can we implementation a real time soft mechanism with interrupt
> > abstracted microkernel, the real time ipc, feature as:
> >   interrupt generated then a ipc send to handler and switch to the handler
> > at once

I do not get what you mean by "at once". Scheduling dependends on
priorities, and if the priority of the interrupt is the highest of the
current running threads it is scheduled.

Some time ago, we defined the Omega0 protocol to hide the implementation
and architecture-dependent details of interrupt handling. However,
currently it is solely implemented for the LV2 API. You should find the
paper at out L4 bibliography website:
<http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/L4/bib.html#services>.  The implementation
and detailed API description can be found at the remote cvs.


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