L4 and EROS

David Denny david at yaravi.com
Sun Jan 4 13:16:46 CET 2004

I have been wondering why "Eros" has invaded this list.

This user's pov: L4 is a solid product which works well. I want to 
experiment with OS building and L4 has a robust base structure, as well 
as a friendly community and all the tools I need to stick my own silly 
things on top of it. I support L4. [ I'd support Eros if it had been 
built to the same level, never mind whatever "angels on pinhead" 
theoretical issues might occasionally surface. However, from my 
assessment of the website and some googled papers, Eros is still (shall 
we say) alpha.]

I'm concerned that this side debate might end up destabilising the L4 
Team's motivation. [ Actually, I think I meant to include the word 
"angry" somwhere in there but that would have been out of keeping ]

I'm sure that one day there will be viable alternative u-kernels but for 
the next year or so I can't see anything toppling L4. Please keep at it, 
Team, and don't allow yourselves to get tr*lled into distractions.

And for the moment Happy New Year L4Hackers and please persevere. You 
are Doing The Right Thing.

best wishes
David Denny

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