L4 and EROS (Off topic)

David Denny david at yaravi.com
Mon Jan 5 22:08:30 CET 2004

Hermann Härtig wrote:

> David,
> on behalf of the L4 team (at least the one in Dresden):
> Thanks for your kind words and the concern ;-) .
> No need to worry about motivation. On the contrary, we want to push 
> the usage of L4 much further. After having had some nice publication 
> successes in the real-time domain, we now seem to have a real chance 
> to push the usage of L4 into the (high assurance ?) security area. For 
> instance, Dresden's L4 team has a contract to build a prototype of a 
> minimal VPN box in close contact with the German "Bundesamt für 
> Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik" (see 
> http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/mikrosina/). But since a long time, we 
> understand that the current interface has shortcomings, e.g., lacks 
> means to control message passing.
I like to help where I can see an honest and forthright endeavour, and a 
piece of work that shines out. My zone at present is on the testing side 
of things; where I have the tools, inclination and time  I do hope to be 
of use in that respect.

Sorry for interrupting the discussion :-(  


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