ANNOUNCE: L4Linux 2.4

Volkmar Uhlig volkmar at
Tue Jan 13 12:40:13 CET 2004

The L4Ka team is pleased to announce the availability of L4Linux 2.4,
which is a deprivileged Linux kernel running on an L4 microkernel.  The
release contains support for the L4Ka::Pistachio and Fiasco kernels.  
It supports the IA32 architecture and features multi-processor support 
on L4Ka::Pistachio.  L4Linux is available via anonymous CVS.

L4Linux is for the L4 developer community, and operating systems
researchers and developers at large.  L4Linux offers a great environment
in which to develop and research with L4 microkernels.  It offers the
support infrastructure of Linux, yet the advantages of the L4
microkernel.  This release should not be used in production environments
nor for performance evaluations.

For more information about L4Linux go to 

The L4Ka team

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