Some question about l4, l4ka

Frank Matthieß frankm at
Tue Jan 20 20:59:08 CET 2004


i want to evaluate l4. 

The first problem i have is to chose the 'right' l4 version.

* There is a Dresden version "l4 v2"
  There is a Karlsruhe version "l4 x.2"

* L4Linux is available from Dresden als 2.2.x
  L4Linux is available from Karlsruhe als 2.4.x
  Both seems to run on both l4 ipc protocolversion.

* At Dresden they have basic parts of os specific components, called
  DROPS. Also a implementation of an windowmanager (DOpE).
  At Karlsruhe i don't see any additional os specific components at all.

* The L4Ka seems to be the base for ports to other hardwareplatforms, like
  PowerPC, MIPS etc developed at UNSW.

My problem is, to understand the difference/commons in

- priority of development of this parts on Dresden and Karlsruhe.
- collaboration between Dresden, Karlsruhe and UNSW.

If a newbie like want to start, which is the 'right' l4 version and why
is it the 'right' version.

Frank Matthieß

[x] Nail here for new monitor.
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