Build DROPS on debian testing

Frank Matthieß frankm at
Wed Jan 21 14:22:20 CET 2004

Jork Loeser [2004-01-21 13:21 CET]:
> Frank,
> On Tue, 20 Jan 2004, Frank Matthieß wrote:
> > The new 'make' run failed, because gcc 3.x isn't suitable for linux 2.2
> > kernel. So i change linux22/Makefile and linux22/arch/l4/Makefile to
> > gcc-2.95. The hard way ;-)
> This is dangerous if you want to build Linux-stubs. gcc-2.95 and gcc-3.x
> use different calling conventions, resulting in broken Stub/L4Linux
> combinations.

Ok. So i would like to get l4linux 2.4 from
via "cvs -z3 -d:pserver:guest at co l4linux-2.4"
and use this, because this is more uptodate andcan compile with gcc-3.

> > But now the doxygen fail. See make output:
> >
> I fixed this. It should appear in our remote cvs soon (actually, when our
> tree can be build as a whole without errors), I hope tomorrow morning.
> Nevertheless I included the patch (to be applied in $(L4DIR)/pkg/log/doc).


This diff rejects, but i fix this manually.

Thanks Jork.


PS: I'm on the list. Cc-ing is not necessary.
Frank Matthieß

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