Using hard disk as root filesystem

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Wed Feb 18 12:15:40 CET 2004

On Wed Feb 18, 2004 at 01:33:19 -0800, tbisson at wrote:
> I have another question.  Rather than using a ramdisk as the root 
> filesystem, I'd like to use my filesystem on
> /dev/hda3. So, I used this grub.conf, which I believe will use /dev/hda3 
> as the root fileystem:
> title L4Linux-2.4
> kernel (hd0,0)/boot/drops/rmgr -sigma0
> modaddr 0x2000000
> module (hd0,0)/boot/drops/main -nokdb -nowait -serial_esc -comspeed 115200
> -comport 1
> 115200 -comport 1
> module (hd0,0)/boot/drops/sigma0
> module (hd0,0)/boot/drops/vmlinuz.V2 root=/dev/hda3

> The results are a standard boot (until kernel talks to disk) and  dmesg
> displaying:
> .....
> ide1 at 0x170-0x177,0x376 on irq15
> hda: ide-disk driver
> hda: lost interrupt
> hda: host protected area => 1
> hda: lost interrupt

Add l4irqack=linux to the vmlinuz.V2 line (the other two happen to be in
my menu.lst, they should not harm):

module (hd0,0)/boot/drops/vmlinuz.V2 no-scroll no-hlt l4irqack=linux root=/dev/hda3 

> Additionally, I tried to boot up with regular ramdisk as the filesytems 
> and  mounting /dev/hda3 and then chrooting over, but that fails with a :
> FATAL: kernel too old
> message.

Grep'ing through /sbin shows that this may come from ldconfig (or
reiserfsck, which is statically linked). What distribution is installed
on the disk?

> 2. Is it typical for keyboard mappings to be wrong with l4linux? For 
> example, my forward slash is now shift-7 and my dash is forward slash.

This sound like a perfectly valid german keyboard layout. Nothing wrong
with that. :) (I should change this for the RAMdisk though...)

> 3. Has anyone seen the FATAl: kernel too old message before? Who is the 
> kernel to old for, the filesystem?

Sound like libc for me currently, I'll try digging around a bit to get
this reproduced...

> I apologize if these questions are inappropriate,

Don't worry.

Adam                 adam at

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