X.2-compatible L4Env

Leonid Ryzhyk leonid at e1os.org
Fri May 7 22:37:55 CEST 2004


We are developing an operating system on top of Pistachio.  At
the moment we are looking for a framework which would allow to 
quickly port existing device drivers (e.g., from Linux) to our
system as well as develop our own drivers.  L4Env with its Omega0 
server, l4io library and DDE seems to be a perfect match.  
Unfortunately, L4Env does not currently support Pistachio.
L4hq site says that such support will follow shortly.  Is this 
work being carried out, and, if so, when (approximately) will
X.2-compatible L4Env be released?

Thanks in advance.


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