New L4Env release

Ronald Aigner ra3 at
Wed Sep 1 16:20:45 CEST 2004

The TU Dresden OS team is happy to announce the next release of L4Env - 
the development environment for L4/Fiasco.

Please visit the L4Env website to 
download version 0.2 or browse the L4Env documentation.

This new release contains our efforts to further improve L4Env, so you 
can look forward to enhanced functionality of, for instance, the loader 
or region manager, which make it easier to build applications for L4.

Starting with this release we will also provide you with daily snapshots 
of the L4Env packages at

We would like to invite you and try L4Env 0.2 and help us improve it 
even more.

Yours, the L4Env team.

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