name_server problem

Leon ljbrits at
Wed Sep 8 16:25:04 CEST 2004


> That's strange. My CVS version runs without any problems. Which version
> are you working with? L4Env release? Remote CVS (date)?

I made a complete new CVS checkout on 2004-09-08 and compiled L4 against  
the new l4linux-2.4. L4Linux loads again!


Program "name_server_test" still fails with Page Fault. This time the  
output looks a bit different:

tftp    | Loading (nd)/fiasco/name_server_test [551kB]
loader  | "(nd)/fiasco/name_server_test" is a valid binary image
loader  | Setting libpath to (nd)/fiasco/
exec    | name_server_test: Loading
exec    | name_server_test: Has no dynamic info
exec    | name_server_test: Saved 20647 bytes of symbols
exec    | name_server_test: library "" not found
loader  | name_server_test: Starting sigma0-style application
exec    | name_server_test: Packed 14374 bytes of symbols
exec    | name_server_test: Packed 69740 bytes of lines
loader  | name_server_test,#20: Entry at 00009c74 => 00980000
loader  | name_server_test,#20: Started
run     | .
n_s_test| main(): Results follow below (should be as predicted (123) ==  
n_s_test| main(): Volume stuff: *******************
n_s_test| main(): Name server thread id (8.2) 'D.02'
n_s_test| main(): Volume server for NS volume (8.2) 'D.02'
n_s_test| main(): Volume server for other volume (0.0) '7FF.7F'
name_ser| L4RM: [PF] read at 0x012ffd14, eip 012003f9, src D.02
name_ser| [D.0] l4rm/lib/src/pagefault.c:75:__unknown_pf():
name_ser|  unhandled page fault

Q1: Any suggestions on this error?
Q2: Should I still be using the "names"-module or has "name_server"  
replaced it?


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