Double Page Fault problem

Leon ljbrits at
Thu Sep 9 17:07:40 CEST 2004


>> .....Double PF error. This has happened to dm_phys_test, thread_test,
> Very strange. We've fixed an L4env bug today which could be related to  
> your
> problem. Please wait until tomorrow until the remote-CVS is in sync and
> try again. At least I can not reproduce your bug with dm_phys_test with
> our current CVS.

New CVS checkout today (090904) but the "Double Page Fault"-problem  

Correct me if I'm wrong but to be a "Double" Page Fault, it must be a Page  
Fault within the Pager causing this error. Since I am loading a program it  
must be the "Backing Pager" that fails which is still part of the Loader  

Q1: Any suggestions/help to solve this problem!
Q2: I do not know the debugger tools at all, so any pointers (or links) on  
how to start use them to track this problem down would be appreciated.


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