Question about the OS Group

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at
Fri Sep 10 02:27:40 CEST 2004

Howdy there from Texas A&M, I've been listening in on the list for about a
month or two, having a vested interest in T.U. Dresden. 

But a question, is the OS Group, a graduate student, and PhD student type
thing? (I'm still an undergrad)

I ask because i'm currently in the process of working out an exchange between
my Uni. and T.U. Dresden, if I could somehow intern, or something like that
while i'm there with the OS Group I would really have a chance to extend my
CompEng knowledge

Just as a sidenote, Bjarne Stroustrop is one of my professors for C++, so I've
got an even larger vested interest in a C++ based kernel ;)

Suggestions, comments?


R. Tyler Ballance

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