Double Page Fault problem

Leon ljbrits at
Mon Sep 13 09:20:50 CEST 2004

Hi all,

> Maybe this problem is related to bug in the current version of DICE.
> Please, try downgrading DICE via
>   cd l4/tool/dice
>   cvs update -D 2004-08-27

No success. The Double Page Fault error still persist and all my  
development has seized due to the unstable environment.
When I display the TCB of the current thread it says:

thread:   d.03 <00080000 001a0c00>      prio: 10  mcp: ff  mode: Con
state: 001 ready

wait for:           polling:            rcv descr:
lcked by: ---.--                        timeout  :
cpu time: 976.000                       timeslice: 9760/9760 s
pager   :   d.00
preemptr:   0.00                        ready lnk :   7.00   f.02
                                         prsent lnk:   d.01   d.02
EAX=0000000a  ESI=00000000  DS=0023
EBX=0132cc58  EDI=00000004  ES=0023     <enter_kdebug ("loader pager")
ECX=00004000  EBP=00bfffdc  GS=0023     mov    -44(%ebp),%eax
EDX=00bffed4  ESP=00bfff54  SS=0023
trapno 3, error 00000000, from user mode
CS=001b  EIP=013037da  EFlags=00003246 kernel ESP=c0341d50

d40: 00003286 c0341800 f000596b c0341800 f0005980 c0180000 f004cab4  
d60: 00003282 f004cab4 c0341800 00000000 00001010 00000000 f0004d08  
d80: c0180000 00000001 f004cab4 f004cab4 00000000 00000000 00000000  
da0: f000c422 c01800e8 00000000 f0006958 c0341800 ee117b00 00000000  
dc0: c0341e78 ee117b00 c01800e8 00000000 00000003 ee110000 c0180000  
de0: c01807d0 00004100 f000d6f9 c0341800 c0180000 00000000 fdbf9eec  
e00: 00000f93 fdc733bb 00000003 000003bc 00001000 ffffffff fdbeb000  
e20: 00000051 00000000 00000000 ee0141b8 00bffe18 fdc94f48 00000007  

Is seems to stop in the "loader pager". Can anybody give me pointers on  
what I can do at this point to get more information to help solve this  

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