Double Page Fault problem

Leon ljbrits at
Tue Sep 14 06:42:59 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I've resorted to the last stable build I've had at the beginning of this  
month so that I can continue development.
I made the same test with "simple_ts_test" and found the following when  
executing the second time.

ts_test | Expected error allocating task: -12
ts_test | 48 tasks created
ts_test | Task 49.0 killed
ts_test | Task 49.0 freed
ts_test | Task 49.0 (00080000:00920000) with diff. version number  
ts_test | --> App 48: Hello World!
ts_test | Task 49.0 re-created
simple_t| l4_ts_exit_component(): Exit 19.02 sent by 19.02
tftp    | Loading (nd)/fiasco/simple_ts_test [97kB]
loader  | "(nd)/fiasco/simple_ts_test" is a valid binary image
loader  | Setting libpath to (nd)/fiasco/
exec    | simple_ts_test: Loading
exec    | simple_ts_test: Has no dynamic info
exec    | simple_ts_test: Has no symbols
exec    | simple_ts_test: Has no lines
exec    | simple_ts_test: library "" not found
loader  | simple_ts_test: Starting sigma0-style application
loader  | l4ts_allocate_task(): failed (server=A.00, ret=-12, exc 0)
loader  | simple_ts_test,#49: Error -12 (no task available) allocating tas
loader  : k at task server
loader  | ==> App successfully purged

Q1: Please explain "no task available"  - no memory? maximum allowed tasks  
Q2: Is this maybe the error producing the Double PF error now?

Cheers (for today)

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