Fw: Re: Question about the OS Group

R. Tyler Ballance tyler at ekkobsd.org
Tue Sep 14 17:44:30 CEST 2004

Anyways, minor question regarding the L4-Linux (or Fiasco for that matter)

First off, I have some decent Compaq Pentium 1 desktops back home I could
easily commandeer for hacking on. (I'm in college, so home is a 5 hour trip away)

Will it run fine? I know system builds will suck, but it should work fine right?

Secondly, I understand fully how a microkernel works, i've seen the
schematics, flow charts, etc, but I'm confused at how a driver, for
example, would be coded. Is it something that one hacks into userland? (Is it
portable across L4 Operating Systems? (L4Linux, Fiasco, etc)

Or does L4 have some special way of handling drivers? I know for example, that
the Mach "microkernel" that Apple has bastardized for Darwin handles
networking and
such in the userland (it's been a while since i've played around on Darwin


R. Tyler Ballance

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