C++ and dietlibc

Leon ljbrits at fastmail.fm
Wed Sep 22 12:57:05 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to port (test) a small C++ app, which uses sockets, to the L4  
Most of the FLIPS examples uses the mode=l4env_base which includes  
dietlibc paths.
I've tried to compile the app against libstdc++ and dietlibc but they do  
not seem compatible.

The C++ app successfully compiles when using l4env_freebsd, but as soon as  
I include the Linux24/include directory to get the socket headers then  
there is a lot of clashes (duplicate defines) with the Oskit. This is  
obviously the reason for dietlibc in FLIPS, but the problem then is that  
dietlibc is not C++ compatible.

With "compatible" I mean that some of the functions (like putc) is defined  
and not declared in the stdio.h file of dietlibc, which is then actually  
undefined in the cstdio file when the functions are moved to the STD  

Q1: Is this true - any suggestions?


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