Problem booting L4Linux 2.4 + L4Env (Part 2)

Tiago Jorge tjpj at
Thu Oct 21 11:19:48 CEST 2004

hello to you all.
I've sent my first email yesterday but i havent introduced myself. I'm 
Tiago Jorge, from the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, 
and i'm doing my final work (Building a TCB using a u-kernel, in this 
case L4 plus all the additions that you and others have made for it). 
So, i wiil be "bugging" you for a short while from know :).
Yesterday, i couldn't boot "names" server. Today i've have acheived that 
goal. I thank here all the fast aswers that people gave to me :).
Today i've encountered another problem. This problem happens with the 
L4Linux kernel (i think!!), using it with his plain version and with his 
L4Env version, but i will focus on the L4Env version. Here is the log 
from the log server:


Welcome to Fiasco(ia32)!
DD-L4(v2)/x86 microkernel (C) 1998-2004 TU Dresden
Rev: Wed Oct 13 15:20:47 2004 compiled with gcc 3.3.2 for Intel Pentium
Performance-critical config option(s) detected:

Found VMWare: Using normal pic mode
Using the RTC on IRQ 8 (1kHz) for scheduling
CPU: GenuineIntel (6:7:8:0) Model: Pentium III (Katmai) at 498 MHz

  32 Entry I TLB (4K pages)
  64 Entry D TLB (4K pages)
  16 KB L1 I Cache (4-way associative, 32 bytes per line)
  16 KB L1 D Cache (4-way associative, 32 bytes per line)
 512 KB L2 U Cache (4-way associative, 32 bytes per line)

Freeing init code/data: 20480 bytes (5 pages)

SIGMA0: Hello!
  Found Fiasco: KIP syscalls: no.
  Allocated 117kB for maintenance structures.

RMGR: Stage2
  running on Fiasco
  bootloader loaded 8 modules at 005f9000-00706175
  total RAM size = 199230 KB (reported by bootloader)
          received 181920 KB RAM from sigma0
                      812 KB reserved for RMGR
  received no I/O ports
  attached irqs = [ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 a b c d e f ]

RMGR: Parsing config.
WARNING: couldn't find modname L4Linux task, only storing it's quota
  configured task 0x0d: [ m:0,ffffffff,ffffffff hm:0,ffffffff,ffffffff
     t:0,ffff,ffff i:ffff lmcp:ffff s:0,ff,ff mcp:ff prio:10 small:ff ]
  log_mask: 00000000, log_types: 00000000

RMGR: Starting tasks.
#05: loading "(nd)/fiasco/log"
     from 005f9000-00602174 to [ 00400000-004064a0 00407000-00434000 ]
     starting at entry 00400000 via trampoline page code 00062154

#06: loading "(nd)/fiasco/dm_phys"
     from 00603000-00618174 to [ 01500000-015126c0 01513000-0151d000 ]
     starting at entry 01500000 via trampoline page code 00063158
#07: loading "(nd)/fiasco/simple_ts -t 300"
     from 00619000-00624174 to [ 01400000-014085e0 01409000-01417000 ]
     starting at entry 01400000 via trampoline page code 00064164
#08: loading "(nd)/fiasco/l4io --noirq"
     from 00625000-00675174 to [ 00b70000-00b930ab 00b94000-00bc7000 ]
     starting at entry 00b70000 via trampoline page code 00065160
#09: loading "(nd)/fiasco/names"
     from 00676000-0067f174 to [ 00200000-00206c40 00207000-00210000 ]
     starting at entry 00200000 via trampoline page code 00066158
#0a: loading "(nd)/fiasco/tftp -i"
     from 00680000-006ae174 to [ 01000000-0102a78c 0102b000-0104b000 ]
     starting at entry 01000000 via trampoline page code 00067158
#0b: loading "(nd)/fiasco/l4exec"
     from 006af000-006dc174 to [ 01100000-0112a04b 0112b000-01135000 ]
     starting at entry 01100000 via trampoline page code 00068158
#0c: loading "(nd)/fiasco/loader (nd)/fiasco/l4linux.l4env"
     from 006dd000-00706174 to [ 01300000-01326d2b 01327000-01337000 ]
     starting at entry 01300000 via trampoline page code 00069174

loader  | OSKit support: using 128KB at 0x00002000 as heap
exec    | OSKit support: using 4096KB at 0x00400000 as heap
io      | OSKit support: using 1024KB at 0x00180000 as heap
io      | do_args(): Disabling internal IRQ handling.
io      | PCI: Using configuration type 1
io      | PCI: Probing PCI hardware
io      | PCI: Probing PCI hardware (bus 00)
io      | PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 00:07.1
io      | Limiting direct PCI/PCI transfers.
io      | 00000000-ffffffff : PCI mem
io      |   f4000000-f400001f : BusLogic BT-946C (BA80C30) [MultiMaster 10]
io      |   f5000000-f5ffffff : PCI device 15ad:0405 (VMWare Inc)
io      |   f6000000-f6ffffff : PCI device 15ad:0405 (VMWare Inc)
io      |   f8000000-fbffffff : Intel Corp. 440BX/ZX/DX - 82443BX/ZX/DX 
Host br
io      : idge
io      | 0000-ffff : PCI IO
io      |   0cf8-0cff : PCI conf1
io      |   1000-103f : Intel Corp. 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ACPI
io      |   1040-105f : Intel Corp. 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 ACPI
io      |   1060-107f : Intel Corp. 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 USB
io      |   1080-10ff : Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] 79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE]
io      |   1400-143f : Ensoniq ES1371 [AudioPCI-97]
io      |   1440-145f : BusLogic BT-946C (BA80C30) [MultiMaster 10]
io      |   1460-146f : PCI device 15ad:0405 (VMWare Inc)
io      |   1470-147f : Intel Corp. 82371AB/EB/MB PIIX4 IDE
tftp    | NICs supported: E1000, EEPRO100, NE2000/PCI, PCNET32/PCI, RTL8139,
tftp    |                 Tulip, VIA 86C100
tftp    | Found lancepci
tftp    | PCnet chip version is 0x2621003.
tftp    | PCnet/PCI II 79C970A at 1080
tftp    | Ethernet address 00:0C:29:7E:2F:B6
tftp    |   Address:    Netmask:
tftp    |    Server:      Gateway:
tftp    | Loading (nd)/fiasco/l4linux.l4env [1kB]
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Loading
tftp    | Loading (nd)/fiasco/vmlinuz.l4env [2259kB]
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Has no symbols
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Has no lines
exec    | Loading
tftp    | Loading (nd)/fiasco/ [572kB]
exec    | Saved 21629 bytes of symbols
exec    | Relocating to 0000e000
exec    | Linking
exec    | Relocating entry 00005800 => 00013800
exec    | Setting section flag 0800
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Setting section flag 0800
loader  | vmlinuz.l4env: Starting l4env-style application
loader  | vmlinuz.l4env,#e: Starting at l4loader_init (00013f50)
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Linking
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Relocating entry 003ff100 => 003ff100
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Packed 17708 bytes of symbols
exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Packed 70835 bytes of lines
loader  | vmlinuz.l4env,#e: Continue at l4env_init (00013fb0,

KERNEL: e.0 (tcb=c0380000) killed:
Unhandled trap

EAX 00000000 EBX 000303f4 ECX 0000000b EDX 00000000
ESI ffffffff EDI ffffffff EBP 00009e10 ESP 00009dd8
EIP eacff100 EFLAGS 00013212
CS 001b SS 0023 DS 0023 ES 0023 FS 0023 GS 0023
trapno 14, error 00000004, from user mode
page fault linear address eacff100


another doubt... what is drops.rd? an initialization file? is it equal 
to every arquitechture?

Thaks in advance


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