Problem booting L4Linux 2.4 + L4Env (Part 2)

Tiago Jorge tjpj at
Thu Oct 21 12:09:33 CEST 2004

Thaks for the fast aswering... i don't what at any means to monopilize yout time :)

>On Thu Oct 21, 2004 at 10:19:48 +0100, Tiago Jorge wrote:
>> exec    | vmlinuz.l4env: Packed 70835 bytes of lines
>> loader  | vmlinuz.l4env,#e: Continue at l4env_init (00013fb0, 
>> KERNEL: e.0 (tcb=c0380000) killed:
>> Unhandled trap
>> EAX 00000000 EBX 000303f4 ECX 0000000b EDX 00000000
>> ESI ffffffff EDI ffffffff EBP 00009e10 ESP 00009dd8
>> EIP eacff100 EFLAGS 00013212
>> CS 001b SS 0023 DS 0023 ES 0023 FS 0023 GS 0023
>> trapno 14, error 00000004, from user mode
>> page fault linear address eacff100

>Enable "Provide system-call entry code in the KIP" and set it to ABS.
>This should fix it.

sorry about my ignorance, but... where should i enable this option...? i've been looking for it in the 
linux and l4 configs but haven't found it

>> another doubt... what is drops.rd? an initialization file? is it equal 
>> to every arquitechture?

>It's just a ramdisk containing a small Linux system. (You can gunzip and
>mount it.)

Thaks for your patience


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