L4Env on freebsd

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Wed Nov 3 22:37:53 CET 2004


Recently I had a few things that would need your
opinions or advices..

Since dde is very hot, is it possible to have L4Env in
perl5 or in any other kind of low-level langage?

The reason is for not having to write very optimized
L4 code in raw IDL format or in C, since I have
pratically no expression with them*.

I don't know how or if compilers like Dice or IDL4
currently play nice with dde_linux, nor if it could
work with a hypothetic dde_to_any (kind-of)

Does implementing this in perl gives the ability
to have a cool system in L4 (snesh), as with the Hurd
or with L4-Linux, or elses? 

Best regards,
Etienne Robillard

* I guess -- it's like implementing L4 in any
languages feels kludgy for me, with all respect to
the sens of this word ;) 

** Note 2: In dde-0.02 theres already headers for
dde_linux. Are theses autogenerated or do someone
for them ? I would love to see dde_lites.h or
dde_freebsd.h :-)

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