Problem booting Fiasco on Pentium IV

Julian Grizzard grizzard at
Tue Nov 9 20:47:07 CET 2004


I was able to boot Fiasco on a PIII 450 Mhz, 128MB.  However, I have
tried the same procedure on a Pentium IV 2.5GHz, 1GB RAM and it does
not work.  I get to this point in the boot process and it stops:

|RMGR: Stage1
|  loading /boot/sigma0
|  loading kernel /boot/main -nokdb -nowait
|  kernel at 00300000-0039d624
|  detected new-style DD-L4(v2)/Fiasco
|  configuring sigma0: 00090000-00095000, start: 00090000
|  reserve modules memory range: 00223000-0022d175
|  starting kernel /boot/main -nokdb -nowait proto=0x101fa0 @ 0x00300aa0
|Loading ELF image (kernel) at 0x303140 [entry 0xf0001000]

I used all the defaults when building L4, rmgr, sigm0, and hello.  Is
there anything special I need to do when booting on an PIV?  I also
created a floppy disk and booted it on both the PIII and the PIV.  It
boots on the PIII but not on the PIV.  Anyone have any ideas as to
what my problem is?

Here is my grub configuration:

|title hello world
|     root (hd1,0)
|     kernel (/boot/rmgr -sigma0)
|     module /boot/main -nokdb -nowait
|     module /boot/sigma0
|     module /boot/hello

Anything else I can provide that would be useful?



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