Beta release of Kenge, Iguana, Wombat

Gernot Heiser gernot at
Mon Nov 29 13:26:06 CET 2004

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National ICT Australia is pleased to announce the release of version
0.4 of the first stage of its Embedded Systems Framework for beta

The software is fairly stable and in use in several commercial
settings. However, no performance tuning has been done to date. This
will be done for the 1.0 release, which is planned for February 2005.

The present release consists of the following components:

 - Kenge, a support environment for L4-based systems


 - Iguana, a lightweight L4-based OS personality for embedded systems,
   providing basic services, resource and protection management


 - Wombat, an architecture-independent Linux server for L4/Iguana, aimed
   at embedded systems use


The software presently runs on x86 and ARM platforms, a beta-version
for MIPS will follow shortly and further ports are underway.  An
experimental version of L4Ka::Pistachio is required to run the
software, this is included. Driver support is limited at present, but
more will be available soon.


 - x86:
    - runs on PC hardware and Qemu simulator
    - Wombat runs the Linux Test Project with the exception of
      system calls using the presently unimplemented valloc functionality.

 - ARM:
    - runs on a number of ARM7 and ARM9 platforms as well as the Skyeye
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