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Gordon gjoel123 at fastmail.fm
Wed Dec 22 10:52:39 CET 2004


I am trying to boot l4linux (2.4.22 from CVS, 
checked out on 25/06/2004) from Pistachio (CVS checkout 20/12/2004).

I am using gcc 3.3.4. for compiling Pistachio and l4linux.
I am selecting the "tamed" option when making.

My grub menu.lst contains the following lines:
title           L4Ka::Pistachio
kernel          /kickstart
module          /ia32-kernel
module          /sigma0
module          /vmlinuz.VX2 no-scroll console=herc console=tty

Any ideas?


I get the following messsage and error:
init_emulibpager initialized to c0001
--- "unable to map generic bootinfo" ---
--------------------------------- (eip=00600d3f, esp=005edf98) ---

  gjoel123 at fastmail.fm

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