L4Linux and serial port access from other tasks

Julian Grizzard grizzard at ece.gatech.edu
Wed Jan 26 18:00:31 CET 2005

Hi all,

I'm running L4Linux on the Fiasco V2 microkernel on a Pentium IV.  I am
also running other L4 applications beside the L4Linux kernel.  I would
like to be able to print debug messages from those applications to the
serial port.  Messages print fine until L4Linux boots up.  As best as I
can determine, the problem is that L4Linux gets control of the serial
port, and so no other tasks can use it.  There may be a way to get this
working using the L4Env setup; however, I am trying to keep a very
minimal setup and so do not want to use L4Env.  Can anyone provide some
pointers on how to best go about restricting L4Linux's access to the
serial port?



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