L4Linux bootprompt question

Jayesh Salvi jayesh.salvi at veritas.com
Wed Feb 9 00:24:11 CET 2005



I an confused about the bootprompt arguments mention in the
l4linux.cd.k_us.cfg file that is given to the loader to load the L4Linux
2.6 kernel.


The line is :


task "vmlinuz26" "mem=44M noreplacement root=1:0 load_ramdisk=1
ramdisk_size=4096 l4env_rd=initrd.gz panicblink=0 lang=us"


What does root=1:0 mean?


After referring to "The Linux Bootprompt - HowTo"
http://ldp.rtin.bz/HOWTO/BootPrompt-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.1 I figured out
that the argument is of the type root=/dev/*


Can anyone help me understand what "root=1:0" mean? This boot loading
files are from the Fiasco-L4Linux boot cd available at







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