Kernel Module Pointers for L4Linux on Fiasco

Julian Grizzard grizzard at
Wed Apr 6 06:46:59 CEST 2005

Anyone have any pointers on using kernel modules with L4Linux?

Here's the setup:
L4 Fiasco V.2
third party kernel modules

We've been playing with various modules trying to get them to work
with the L4Linux kernel.  Some modules compile fine against the
L4Linux source; others give warnings.  Further, some load fine but do
not work properly; others complain about missing symbols.  It is
conceivable that we have non-L4Linux related issues but wanted to
check and see if there is anything special to know about building
modules for L4Linux?  Specifically, what are possible reasons that a
kernel module would work on a stock i386 arch Linux kernel but not
work on the same version L4 arch Linux kernel?



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