boot : C++ App on fiasco kernel.

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Wed Apr 13 09:54:49 CEST 2005

Hi, hackers.

I downloaded the latest cvs version that is everything all including fiasco, l4env, libstdc++, ostkit, ostkit10... etc. 
And I completed compile all without some package where /l4/pkg/... (l4vfs, nethub, proxygon, verner)

I tested a sample binary that is hello_cxx where in /l4/bin/x86_585 directory.
My grub menu(menu.lst) contains:
 title Test_fiasco_kernel
 kernel /boot/fiasco/rmgr -sigma0
 modadder 0x02000000
 module /boot/fiasco/main -noserial -nowait -nokdb
 module /boot/fiasco/sigma0
 module /boot/fiasco/hello_cxx

following, boot error messages:
 *hello : [5.0] l4rm/lib/src/config.c : 104 : l4rm_get_dsm();
 *hello : l4RM:no dataspace manager found!!

In /l4/pkg/hello_cxx/README, you recommend that use Symbols, buffermgr, simple_dm binary into menu.lst to using C++ code together with L4 environment.
But I can't find out that binary files. So I tested using above menu.lst.

1) Could somebody help me about problems above?

General questions;

2) I want to that My APP Program(e.g. sample_cxx) build using C++ is execute on the fiasco kernel only without L4linux(kernel)
   Is it enable?

3) If enable, Please somebody give me a instrucion to build, and a sample grub's menu.lst to execute a sample_cxx after booting with fiasco kernel, in lastest cvs version.

Noh, H.J.

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