questions on L4Env and libraries for development on pistachio

Jayesh Salvi jayeshsalvi at
Thu Jun 9 17:49:15 CEST 2005

I am looking for libraries to do coding on pistachio. As I understand L4Env 
gives a bunch of libraries - memory management libraries (dm_phys,...), 
l4io, etc. Could someone answer these questions:

1. From L4Env's docs I see it being used only with fiasco source code. 
Haven't come across any project that uses L4Env with pistachio. Any 
dependencies that I don't know of? If not are there any examples?
2. I want libraries for some basic functions - malloc, free, printf, etc. 
L4Env needs oskit, l4linux2.2 and fiasco L4 kernel. Aren't there any 
lightweight ways of getting such libraries for L4? Can parts of L4Env used 
seperately in pistachio tree?
3. I came across libCLight library which is the light implementation of 
libc. I could get it compiled in my pistachio tree, as done in IoL4 project. 
Can anyone compare using malloc in libCLight and using DMPhys of L4Env?

Hope these questions are not that naive.

Thanks in advance.
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