Some questions

fabs0028 at fabs0028 at
Tue Jun 28 14:16:44 CEST 2005

I first wanted to signal about a little problem i found : when i launch an
application i did for l4 with the loader it works fine but after its end i want
to launch a legacy linux application and i get the message
KERNEL: Security violation: Not pager of 36.
Maybe i forgot something to close my program but i don't know what or maybe it
is something else.

I also wondered if it was possible to build a standard linux kernel from the
l4linux sources ? I think so but i'm not sure.

And for a last question i'd like to know if there's a way to share devices such
as for example hard drives between l4 and the l4linux server. I saw dde but i
don't know if it is still up with the 2.6 portage and i haven't found a lot of
doc about it except the manual.

Thanx a lot for your help.

Fabien Chaillou

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