L4Linux 2.4 server priority

Leon Brits ljbrits at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 16:00:48 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I have some questions with regard to the priority of a L4Linux server:

Q1: In my loader script I set the "priority" parameter to what some help
file somewhere (I think on the website) showed namely 0xA0. When I do a
l4lx_thread_prio_get inside a kernel module I get the value "100".
Is the loader "priority" parameter hex or decimal? [0xA0 -> 100 ????]

Q2: If I set the "priority" parameter of a second L4Linux server to 0x30
I also get 100. Does this parameter actually work? - if not where is
"100" defined?

Q3: The API call l4lx_thread_prio_get() actually fails when the module
loads complaining about exported symbols, while l4lx_thread_create()
which is defined in the same header file (thread.h) and in the same
source file (thread.c) works fine. Can somebody please help me
understand this!?

Q4: In the L4Linux server the kernel's priority is set based on a define
named PRIO_KERNEL which is defined as 127. How does this PRIO_KERNEL
defined value (and other PRIO_* values) relate to the "priority"


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