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Julian Grizzard grizzard at ece.gatech.edu
Tue Sep 13 20:51:43 CEST 2005

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Subject: Re: Inspect L4Linux Memory
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 14:12:14 -0400
From: Julian Grizzard <grizzard at ece.gatech.edu>
To: Marcus Voelp <voelp at os.inf.tu-dresden.de>
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Marcus and all,

I like option two better: sharing the dataspace that provides L4Linux
with memory.  After studying docs under l4/pkg/dm_phys/doc/dm_phys/html,
 seems like first I need to make an l4dm_share call from the L4Linux
server.  Then, I should be able make an l4dm_map call from the isolated
L4 task.  Does this sound like the right general approach?

Also, I have a question about the examples under
l4/pkg/dm_phys/examples.  Take list_ds.  There is a call to
"if_l4dm_generic_list_call".  Where is this call defined?  It's not
clearly locatable in the API?  Is this an IDL thing?  I'm not too
familiar with IDL.



Marcus Voelp wrote:
> Hi,
> there are actually two nice ways how you can access L4Linux kernel
> memory. The first is to install a driver to L4Linux which creates an L4
> thread that in turn would read out the memory when requested to do so.
> The second is mapping the L4Linux memory to your external observer by
> sharing the dataspace that provides L4Linux with memory.
> The first solution obviously is not suited when reading out much data
> and you also rely on the thread to live (i.e., if Linux crashes there is
> the chance that the driver thread crashes as well). The second solution
> provides a faster read access and survives also kernel crashes.
> Regards
>    Marcus
> Julian Grizzard wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am running L4Linux 2.6 on Fiasco using L4Env.  I would like to build
>> an isolated L4 task that can inspect the contents of the L4Linux task
>> state.  Any pointers on the best way to do this?  Conceivably, I could
>> map the contents of the L4Linux task into my isolated L4 task to read
>> the memory, but I'm not sure the best way to do this.
>> Thanks!
>> -Julian
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